Correct Standing Posture

Back problems can very well be prevented simply by correcting your standing posture. In this video, Maureen demonstrates the mechanics of proper standing posture and gives pointers on how we can be more mindful of our posture on a daily basis.

Most people consider a military-type posture to be the correct way to stand. Soldiers pull their shoulders back and stand tall and proud, right? This is great for soldiers and even ballerinas but not for the every day person…and not for any extended length of time.

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Maureen explains that, as we stand, gravity pulls down on our bodies. This is difficult on our bones and muscles, so we want to ensure that we are in the best possible posture in order to prevent soreness or injury.

Rather than holding ourselves in a stiff, upright posture, Maureen suggests a more neutral stance. Knees should be “soft” and not locked. Locking your knees forces the pelvis and chest to be pushed out, which causes undo stress on the lower back. It is also difficult to maintain proper balance in an unnatural posture.

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The pelvis should be in a neutral position, with the sternum facing straight ahead. Shoulders should be rolled back and down, not pulled up towards the ears. Maureen also reminds us that our heads weigh roughly 15 pounds, so in order to support that amount of weight the head should be drawn back and squared up over the shoulders.

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Proper posture may be something we take for granted. We don’t realize the effect that years of poor posture can have on our bodies until we are experiencing some sort of pain or discomfort. Following the simple suggestions Maureen has provided will help you to become more mindful of your posture and hopefully lead to a healthier you!



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