I have been a patient at PT PRO since 2015 due to multiple chronic and debilitating conditions. Since then, I have received the best care and support to manage my symptoms and preserve my mobility and functionality. In 2021, I needed to undergo Craniocervical Fusion and Posterior Fosa Decompression, and the Physical Therapist team helped me to prepare for the procedures to arrive at my best possible shape. They also have guided me during the rehabilitation process. I am very satisfied by the services provided that are not only professional and knowledgeable in the PT field, but also caring and encouraging at the personal level.”

– Ishtar L

PT Pro changed the way I think about physical therapy. It’s not something you do just for a short period of time to treat a specific injury. It’s a holistic approach to physically being your best self for the rest of your life.

– Laura M

The treatment here is unparalleled. I’ve been seeing Kathleen for over 8 weeks, post-op, and she’s been so integral to my healing. At PT Pro, every session is incredibly intentional and thorough. I always leave feeling listened to, educated, empowered, and simply better.

– Olivia D

I came in knowing it may take a while to fix my frozen shoulder but was always happy with each appointment as it seemed to further my healing. The staff was excellent offering compassion, a clean environment and great skill in all they helped me with. I would highly recommend them to a friend.

– Marae A

In preparation for open water race season, I noticed my right shoulder was feeling the strain of daily workouts. Concerned this strain might derail my race plans I reached out to PT Pro for help. My therapist David was fantastic. He really took the time to understand what was going on in my shoulder, where the weak areas were and worked with me to loosen up my shoulder joint, strengthen the muscle and correct my posture. The pain is gone, my form has improved, and I feel confident going into my first race in July. Thank you, PT Pro!

– Paul J

My first time at PT, and it was really useful. Rebecca was very patient and informative throughout my sessions. I learned a lot about running posture, stretching, and even the use of the right shoes. I was able to use what I learned to ease myself back into running and other physical activities I enjoyed and missed. I’m very grateful to PT pro and Rebecca for their help.

– Sandeep A

PT pro is the best! I have been running competitively and recreationally for over 25 years and PT pro is the only physical therapy clinic that I trust to actually move towards completely treating my injuries long term. It is so much more than the typical, “here are some exercises, go do them” clinic! The PTs really get in there and work on the problematic areas to create more range of movement and flexibility. What a difference! I will recommend PT pro to anyone I know that is looking for effective physical therapy. Thank you, PT pro!

– Melissa M

I’ve been a patient of PT Pro for close to 10 years for various sports injuries and everyone at the clinic is amazing at their craft. Their compassion to help people get better is evident and their skill level is second to none. If you are serious about wanting to compete at your highest possible level having a great team like PT Pro is mission critical. And by the way, you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to visit a physical therapist. Just listen to your body like I did and commit to caring for your most prized possession….your health!

– Patrick F

I have been seeing Alice Wong at PT Pro since 2011 for various sport injuries over the years. She is exceptional, professional, and great at rehab – I have seen her for running, skiing, biking injuries and I have also seen her for neck and shoulder pain from working on a computer. Check in is easy, she spends quality time with a variety of techniques from massage, Pilates, cupping, other exercises on their various equipment or if we need, going out of the building on the stairs or the lot outside. In short whatever it takes. I love Alice’s commitment and love PT Pro. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

– Kavita K

I have seen two different therapists here over the course of the last 3 years and they were both amazing. The first was for PT for a torn rotator cuff post-surgery and the latest is for numbness in my arm and hand. They are professional, thorough, and above all helpful! I can’t believe how much better things are for me since my initial injuries and I credit the incredible care I got with PT Pro. Thank you!

– Hope S

Alice is excellent and really listens. I’m a very complicated case and have seen more doctors (conventional and alternative), physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. then I can count.  But given my history, there are few I would recommend.  So it means something that I recommended her to my friend who now sees her. (-:

– J.C.

“I went through 6 weeks of physical therapy on my elbow and shoulder that was bothering me for more than a year. Chronic pain was a result of playing tennis on daily basis.

After the therapy, I am pain-free and finally enjoying tennis without having to “pound’ my pain out of my elbow for the first 15 minutes of play and without having to sit with couple ice bags for 15 minutes after playing. Feels great!”

– Greg S. Redmond, WA

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