Hi team: I just wanted to say thank you – especially to Alice! I came in this fall with hip and back issues, training for the California International Marathon. Thanks to your work and guidance, I was able to keep training and ran a great race. I improved on my PR by 27 minutes but most importantly, I was able to function as a sighted guide for a close friend who was running the race blind. He improved his PR by 28 minutes, and was crowned 2014 national marathon champion for completely blind runners. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!


I have been going to PT Pro for about 5-6 years now and have always had a great experience no matter which Physical Therapist I have worked with. The entire office is very professional and very knowledgeable about treating a variety of issues. They also are diligent about staying current on continuing education and incorporating new treatment ideas into their patient care. I continually recommend PT Pro to family, friends and coworkers.

Karrie O. Renton, WA

PT Pro is my first place to stop when I tweak something. Often before the doctor. I have worked with both Maureen and Alice. I used another PT facility once and they spent far more time using ultrasound than trying to get the muscles built back up. Between patella tendinitis, an ankle injury, and a shoulder impingement over the years I have always come out much stronger with the knowledge of how to prevent a recurrence. I have also appreciated being able to send follow up questions months after my last appointment that get answered timely and allow me to make sure I am doing the right things for my conditions.

The photos of the home exercises that you get with quick descriptions is far easier than trying to remember how and what I was supposed to do.

Thanks for the phenomenal PT.

Kent H. Bellevue, WA

PT Pro has set a new bar for physical therapy for me.
In early 2011, I tore my rotator cuff and had to have surgery to repair it. Having been through 3-4 injuries in the past (I do competitive weightlifting), I most dreaded the long recovery time and — in particular — the required physical therapy. But then I found PT Pro.

PT Pro was a completely new experience for me. All 60 minutes of therapy were with productive time with a licensed therapist (Maureen Madden, the owner). Unlike the other PT factory settings I’ve experienced, the therapist didn’t hurry to get me hooked up to an ultrasound machine or strapped with ice for half the appointment. Instead, over 6 months and 10 appointments, Maureen routinely did a thorough evaluation of my progress, performed 40 minutes or so of soft tissue work, and guided me through my newest set of home exercises.

I hope to never require PT again, but if I do, I’d never consider going anywhere else. And I’d give PT Pro — and Maureen — my highest recommendation. They truly are leaps and bounds better than the other PT providers I’ve used

Rob M. Bellevue, WA

I went through 6 weeks of physical therapy on my elbow and shoulder that were bothering me for more than a year. The chronic pain was a result of playing tennis on daily basis.

After the therapy I am pain free and finally enjoying tennis without having to “pound’ my pain out of my elbow for first 15 minutes of play and without having to sit with couple ice bags for 15 minutes after playing. Feels great!

When prescribing certain warm up routines, stretches and exercises the therapist who worked with me explained the purpose of each in terms of body mechanics. This allowed me to correlate elements of warm up with elements of the game. It also helped me understand things that I should and shouldn’t do when exercising or playing tennis.

I recommended PT Pro to my fellow tennis players in case thay develop condition that requires physical therapy

Greg S. Redmond, WA

PT Pro has been assisting me on shoulder rehab for the past several months. I am 15 weeks post op for rotator cuff and bicep reattachment after a slip from the fire engine. They have been extremely helpful in getting me to the positive place I am now. Not quite ready for back to work but working light duty with the realistic timeline and optimism for full recovery. I have recommended them to several other FFs and friends. They have set the PT bar for me.

John S. Seattle, WA

Thanks for getting me to this point, so quickly! A few short months ago we weren’t sure if surgery would be necessary, now I’m fully confident I’m back on track, thrilled to be back playing tennis full bore so soon. I’m looking forward to carefully getting back to full overhead strength training when I’m back from my trip, that will be a good test of my rehab progress. Based on this swift outcome, I’m a big believer in the healing power of professional, coordinated PT and fitness training. Thanks for working together on my behalf!