We may not be Oprah, but our physical therapists have some pretty great product recommendations to send you into 2021 relaxed, aligned, and feeling your best.


  1. Superfeet

If you’re a runner like Alice or just want to give your feet some TLC, make sure Superfeet inserts are on your holiday wishlist or just add to cart for Santa.

  1. Foam Roller

Annika’s #1 recommendation is a good foam roller. Movement is essential for continued mobility. Foam rolling is a great way to release fascia and lactic acid build up so you can stay in motion without pain.

  1. Epsom Bath Salts

After a long day of manual therapy, nothing spells relaxation for Laura like an Epsom salt bath and a good smelling candle. Epsom salt is great for replenishing the much-needed mineral, magnesium in our bodies.

  1. Haflinger Slippers

Want to know what Mary Frances is walking around in when she’s at home? Haflinger slippers. She LOVES’s them. In fact, I think we’re all convinced that we need these cozy, arch- supporting slippers in our lives.

  1. Instructional Yoga Mat

Doing a little more yoga at home these days? As Maureen always says, Motion is Lotion so go ahead and create your own flow and confidently go from downward facing dog to cobra just by looking at your mat.

  1. Super Jock ’n Jill tennis shoes

The next time you need or want a new pair of tennis shoes, look no further than your local Super Jock ’n Jill store. They are specialists in the field of athletic footwear. Maureen has never been disappointed with the shoes recommended to her but if your shoes don’t work out, they have a fantastic return policy.

  1. Band-it

Hot Tip: If you or somebody you know is suffering from tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, using an elbow support can help you swing like a pro again (providing there’s some talent to support!).

  1. Reading Light

What do you do when the power goes out or you want to read in the car (as a passenger :))? You pull out your reading light by Glocusent of course. It’s lightweight, rechargeable and you can wear it around your neck as Megumi has done in the past to wash dishes during a power outage.

  1. Lumbar Support

Whether in the car or in the office, this lumbar cushion is a must-have for PT approved posture.

  1. Theo Chocolate and MarketSpice Tea

To Kathleen a rainy Washington night calls for a good piece of chocolate, a cup of tea, some cozy slippers and a puzzle. If you’re looking for some stocking stuffers, Theo Chocolate and Market Spice Tea are tried and true dispensers of merry and bright and bonus – they’re local companies.


  1. eeBoo Puzzles

If you want a unique puzzle, Kathleen recommends, Piece & Love Jigsaw Puzzles by eeBoo – A woman-owned sustainably sourced company.

  1. Oura Ring           

Know someone who likes to use data to make health gains? The Oura Ring can help you improve your health by capturing data on sleep, activity and recovery so you can identify where changes need to be made.




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