pi1Physical Therapy Professionals (PT Pro): A center of excellence where dedicated and highly trained professionals provide personalized care for musculoskeletal injuries.

Why Physical Therapy: Our physical therapists have unique training and skills to asses a multitude of factors related to your injury and recovery. A PT evaluates the musculoskeletal system as a whole and addresses all components of a dysfunction. These components include: soft tissue (quality of muscle, tendon, and ligaments/joint capsules) , bones and how they function as joints (position as well as mobility) and the nervous system (the connections that make the muscles act as they do, as well as cause pain). We assess movement patterns, gait patterns, strength, nerve mobility, joint mobility and soft tissue quality, and posture to obtain a working diagnosis of your entire musculoskeletal system. We use a combination of hands on care and exercise prescription to restore efficiency to the body and therefore eliminate pain and return normal function.

How are we different?

pi2Our Passion: PT Pro has a team of physical therapists that have great passion for and pride in our profession. We believe in the power of personalized care and recognize each person has individual goals and lifestyles. We treat our patients with confidence, commitment, and compassion.

Our Professionals: Our team members have from 10 to 21 years of professional experience each. We are all extensively trained in manual (hands- on) techniques. We continually seek out further educational opportunities to advance our skills. Most of our therapists have advanced certifications in orthopedic physical therapy.

Our Care:

  • 60 minute one-on–one care from a Physical Therapist only (no aides or assistants)
  • large gym with excellent equipment including Pilates reformer
  • goals clearly stated and aggressively pursued
  • emphasis on patient involvement and education
  • excellent communication with patients and physicians or other care providers

Our Results: Satisfied patients who quickly return to pain free activity and daily life stronger than before the injury and with a new set of skills to maintain musculoskeletal health.