Orthoed.net Presents “The Modern Overhead Athlete”

Maureen Madden PT ProPT Pro’s very own Maureen Madden is helping put together an amazing event at the Kirkland Performance Center on Saturday, January 25, 2014. The event titled “The Modern Overhead Athlete” is being presented by Orthoed.net in conjunction with ShoulderWorks and is geared towards how the shoulder is used in today’s world as well as innovations in shoulder rehabilitation.

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The day’s schedule of events is packed with speakers from all across the country. Special guests include Dr. Vincent Santoro and Jessica Pare who will be presenting the Introduction. This session will give a brief overview of the entire symposium as well as an introduction to the event PDF which will be sent to attendees in advance. Ms. Pare will also give a brief anatomical overview of the shoulder to provide a better understanding of the upcoming information.

Mitch Owens will cover the ever popular sport of rock climbing to include common injuries incurred and the pathomechanics associated with rock climbing injuries. Next up, Joe Nance will discuss the do’s and don’ts of Cross-Fit. His presentation will discuss how the shoulder is effected by specific cross-fit exercises, basic coaching points for safe and effective workouts, and common muscle imbalances found in cross-fitters.

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Pitching mechanics will be covered by Dr. Santoro and Kyle Boddy. They will discuss the biomechanics of pitching as well as pre and post surgery preparation for athletes. Chris Johnson will discuss swimming for recreational swimmers as well as triathletes.

He will also discuss how poor core strength effects the shoulder. Dr. Santoro will end the symposium with a presentation on the role of the orthopedic surgeon when a shoulder injury occurs. He will discuss when non-surgical treatment is a more appropriate option for athletes as well as what surgeons want to see their patient’s Physical Therapists doing with them after surgery.

OrthoEd.net Mission Statement “To bring together passionate professionals for dynamic exchanges of information and ideas about a multitude of orthopedic subjects”.

To learn more about this event, visit http://www.orthoed.net.


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