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Physical Therapy Professionals (PT Pro) is a center of excellence in Physical Therapy. PT Pro was founded on the belief that the highly dedicated and well trained professionals in physical therapy can provide exceptional care for a large number of musculoskeletal problems. A physical therapist has the unique training and skills to asses a multitude of factors that contribute to injury and recovery.

Our physical therapists looks at the musculoskeletal system as a whole and addresses all components of the problem from the soft tissue components (muscle, tendon, and ligament) to the bones (joints) and the nervous system (the connections that make the muscles act as they do and create pain).

PT Pro is owned by Maureen Madden, PT, OCS who as 21 years of clinical experience. She is joined by:

  • Alice Wong, PT who has 15 years of clinical experience
  • Kathleen Young, MPT,OCS who has 14 years of clinical experience
  • Mary Frances Miller, PT who has 15 years of clinical experience
  • Laura Clever, MPT, OCS who has 11 years of clinical experience
  • Lisa DeVlieg, MPT, OCS who has 11 years of clinical experience

PT Pro has an exceptional team of physical therapists that have great passion for and pride in our profession. We are highly experienced and continually seek out further educational opportunities. We believe in personalized care for every patient and recognized each person has individual goals.

EVERY patient is seen for 60 minutes at EVERY visit by a Physical Therapist only. (no aides or assistants)

PT Pro is now very proud to offer a WOMEN’S HEALTH PROGRAM

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PT Pro is a BBB Accredited Physical Therapist in Redmond, WA

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